I’ve had a few pets in my life. Mostly old weirdo silly cats. Here’s a brief list:

  1. Baby Chickens – my parents raised them until they got old enough to be mean
  2. Snowball – Cat #1
  3. Mr. T – the box turtle my dad found in Arizona or somewhere…
  4. ToyBoy – Cat #2
  5. Teddy & Freddy – hamsters, Teddy ate Freddy 😦
  6. Greyson – Cat #3
  7. Indy – Cat #4 and the BEST CAT EVER! RIP July 26th, 2014

But I’ve never had a goat. Goats are misunderstood. I got to spend a lot of time with goaters (yeah, I make up words cause it’s awesome, so what?!) during my time working at the zoo and my frequent visits to the zoo. Goats are my favorite.

Goat in a Traugh
Hmm…what’s in here?

Goats are like cats with more energy. They each have their own quirky personality. One will run up to you and headbutt your leg, another will come stand on your lap. And they are clever escape artists. Tricky, tricky, curious and playful!

So why don’t I just go get a freakin’ goat instead of writing about it?! Good question.

I’ve tried. First of all, you can’t just have one goat. They are social animals. You need at least two.

Second, most bigger cities have laws on keeping goats. My current city (in Kansas, nonetheless) requires 1 acre of land per goat! Whaaaa??? I need 2 acres of land for my 2 goats? Damn.

Plus, I currently live in a high rise apartment…

So, I’ve taken up reading a lot of goat books and spending my free time at the zoo until I decide to move to a place that I can realistically have them. Oh, and I watch goat videos on YouTube. Ha ha. They seem to be a pop culture phenomenon lately.