I have a drinking problem. And it’s Diet Coke. And ice water. At the same time. I need both. Now.

Drinking Problem
Wherever I go, I usually have two drinks with me…

It probably started in math grad school where I would spend hours in my office reading esoteric math books and trying to stay awake. It was also great bladder training for my future in teaching… I continue to amaze my urologist with how much liquid I can hold. Too much information? Nah.

This is too much: I went to physical therapy for bladder problems last summer (are you surprised?), and my therapist gave me a plastic hat-like contraption that I would place between the toilet lid and base every time I went pee, so we could measure how much was going through me. I also had to count while going to keep track of how long it took. I even had a little diary to write it all down in! Super fun.

Toilet Pee Sleeve
Toilet Pee Sleeve Thingamijigger

I was peeing in it religiously until one morning it overflowed with my urine. What can I say? I’m an overachiever.

Yeah, my bladder is awesome.

I graduated from bladder physical therapy, but have not changed any of my drinking habits… I occasionally have bladder pain and spasms, but now I have wonderful vaginal suppositories (I actually had to ask which hole to put them in…) that get me high when the pain is too much to handle. Teaching after inserting one is not a good idea. Yeah.

It’s time for a refill.