I like fancy food. I’m not exactly a domestic goddess though. I believe a well-known philosopher once said “Ain’t nobody got time for that”

My word for “iron” is “dryer”.

If I’m going to spend my precious time and energy actually making my own food, it’s going to have to be worth it. And by worth it, I mean some really fancy shit that I can’t just go get at the store or a restaurant. It’s a fucking EVENT if I cook – occasionally a scary/catastrophic/wtf-was-she-thinking event.

I like to try new things, and I have a love of green tea. So, why not try green tea pound cake?! Ha! It sounded easy enough when I came across the recipe on Yummly, but what I ended up with, well, see for yourself:

Zombie Apocalypse Pound Cake
How about some Zombie Apocalypse Pound Cake?

It tasted nummy, but you can’t unsee it.  I’ll file this one under ‘Halloween Recipes’.