So, what is the best location for a Chinese restaurant? Next to a porn shop alongside the highway, no doubt!

Okay, so… it’s my first day at a new-ish job, and my boss insists on taking me and another co-worker out for lunch. I say I like Asian food, and we end up at Lee’s Chinese Restaurant (apparently one of their favorite eateries). We pull in the parking lot and park facing the porno shop that is right next door to the restaurant (called Patricia’s). What a completely awkward place to pull up to with your boss and co-worker.

Am I the only one thinking about all the possible jokes here?

Yes, I’ll have the cream of sum yung guy.

What do they put in the special sauce?

I ask myself if this is really happening and if I’m the only one appreciating the immature but profound humor of the situation. I feel like I’m in one of those college movies made for teenage boys. This must be what my life looks like in 2016. Bring this shit on.

P.S. My boss thinks the chicken meatballs are tasty.